SaaS Billing & Radius Solution

Our SaaS based ISP billing and radius authentication solution provides internet service providers with the ability to manage their customers from the cloud. A SaaS solution provides several benefits over the traditional onsite model.

1. Rapid Deployment

Cloud services can be deployed much faster than traditional systems. What could take weeks or months of planning in the traditional onsite model can be done in minutes when leveraging a good SaaS platform. Our provisioning time is less than 30 seconds, can a traditional server even boot that fast ?

2. Lower TCO

Total cost of ownership can often be decreased dramatically when you are running in the cloud. Expensive hardware and power costs are no longer a factor. Staffing costs can also be reduced dramatically, a rock solid billing and radius system needs the loving care of an experienced systems administrator, and the careful hand of a great DBA. With a cloud billing and radius service this is done for you, “automagically“.

3. Automatic Upgrades

Our billing and radius platform is constantly evolving to meet your needs, this means new features and bug fixes make their way to you behind the scenes with no interruption to your services.

4. Backups and Data Recovery

Backups and Recovery can be a headache for any organization. The billing and radius platform will take care of all of this for you, ensuring your infrastructure is resilient and protected against failure.

5. Access From Anywhere

No more complicated VPN’s or dynamic DNS entries. Your services are securely available from anywhere in the world, both to you and your end users.

6. Ease of Evaluation

The traditional model of setting up a test environment, trying to figure how to install the software, learning how everything works only to flatten it and move on to the next solution is expensive and time consuming. Cloud platforms can easily be evaluated to see if it’s a good fit into your organization.

Looking for a Cloud Billing and Radius Platform ?

Try our easy to use ISP Radius and Billing solution and have one available in 30 seconds. Enjoy a risk free 30 day trial.